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Searching for an economic variant: Peleng 8mm fisheye review Print E-mail
Written by Peleng   


My colleague who just returned from Moscow bought me a new example of Belomo's production: Peleng fisheye lens. My purchase looked like a low-price carton box with a low-price quasi-leather case inside. Thats how the very lens is packaged. I also found an adapter for Nikon and 3 filters: yellow, red, UV. Nice kitting. First of all, I liked the lenscap as it fits better and doesn't seem to slip away as it did caps of older lenses because of the wide opened inner ring. In my lens there is some cell foam so that I will never loose the cap. The quality of construction seemed to me rather reliable as it is fully metal.

Work with Nikon D80:

There's one disadvantage of using this lens with D80: built-in lightmeter doesn't function so measuring of exposure becomes impossible. Only setting of speed of shutter in M-mode (manual) is available. But it won't be a problem any more if you will plan the time and consult with the histogram on the screen after the picture is shot. Another option is to use external lightmeter.


A construction-yard near my office became the first object of testing of my lens. However it requires some skills I am satisfied with I saw. My advice is to shade it so that the diaphragme was around f8-16. In my case thats how I got the best results. With such measures of diaphragme focusing becomes nearly unnecessary because it gives a perfect field of view. To learn more about extra-focal distances you'd better search in the Web. I met with only one great lens fault: it flares. Its hard to hide from the sun. But that is the problem you can cope with.

Fisheye: what for?

This is an ideal choice for panoramic shots, for taking pictures of huge architectural objects or of small rooms. As you know, this lens gives a circular picture but you can always de-fish it using special applications. In this way you will get an extremely-wide and straight image. Like as this one on the right


You will never make a better choice. This fisheye costs only 265 euros and it is the best one in its market niche. Check out on ebay and prove yourself that it is a worthy lens, well-constructed and with the good field of view. There's no used Peleng fisheyes because no one return these great ones.