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Peleng 8mm f3.5. Reviewed by Scott Zanella Print E-mail


General Impressions:

This is an amusing lens. I am not really sorry that i bought about buying it, its worth money i paid. And the very fact that it has such drawbacks as flare, lateral colour error and internal reflection testifies that this lens is for amateurs who would like to have fun taking circular pictures. For example, pictures of sky and strangely distorted landscapes. Semi-fisheye adapter costs practically the same but Peleng lens is better choice. At least because it is a full-fledged lens.


It is cheap and well-built. This lens will offer you high resolution in the picture centre, 180 degree vision, contrast and saturated image. To have it, you just need to watch over the flare. Peleng lens is packaged with case and 3 filters: UV, orange and green. Even using it open at F3.5 won't be disappointing .


The closer to the edge the catchier are lateral colour aberrations. They look like blue lines and even closing diaphragm can't help to improve. By the way, in black and white everything looks fine. Choosing the object of shooting you have to keep in mind that your photo may be easily overexposed. So, try to avoid shooting bright lights: they are the main cause of flares and internal reflections. Another consequence is limited composition. Position of focus influences the image so sometimes 35 mm film is not enough.

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