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Between Peleng and Samyang Print E-mail
Written by Peleng-Samyang   
First Iíve bought the Peleng 8mm but later Iíve bought a Samyang 8mm too. So I have a chance to compare them. Both these fisheye lenses are not bad for their price. But first of all I want to note that the Peleng 8mm is a circular fisheye lens where as the Samyang 8mm is a full frame fisheye. My findings: Advantages of the Samyang 8mm fisheye lens:
  • Samyang 8mm has a sunhood (the Peleng hasn't).
  • Samyang lens is lighter a little bit and has more modern design.
  • On photo which was made with Samyang 8mm lens you donít have black or dark corners, so you donít need use the Photoshop. But I know one many people who like these corners.
  • The Samyang fisheye is a little bit sharper then the Peleng lens. Not so much in the picture center but clearly at the borders. Samyang 8mm lens is better with f/3.5 than the Peleng 8mm fisheye.

Advantages of the Peleng 8mm fisheye lens:

  • The Peleng 8mm is build much more stronger then the Samyang. The Samyang 8mm lens has a lot of plastic, not full metal.
  • Filters are possible to use.
  • Peleng 8mm lens is better with f/8-f/11 than Samyang 8mm lens
  • Colors at the Peleng photos are nicer than at Samyang pictures. A little bit sated and a much more contrast.
  • The photos which were made with the Peleng are more "fish-eye" then Samyang. - The Peleng is a wider than the Samyang.