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Due to the sanctions since Dec 5, 2023 we can't offer new Fisheye Lenses from Belarusian factories. It means that we have to sell our current stock and freeze our webstore. At the moment we have one last Fisheye 8mm for Canon in stock.



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What is Fisheye Lens ? Print E-mail
Written by Peleng   

A fisheye lens is an ultra-wide-angle lens that has angle of view 180o or more. The design of such lenses and their shape are really to some extent similar to the organ of sight of fishes. Perspective distortion in such optical systems cannot be neutralized, and the lens forms abizarrely distorted convex-rounded picture, which is the main distinguishing feature of the fisheye lenses.

In practice, there are two main types of such lenses:

1. Circular lenses, which give a circular image within the film frame, and thus they have the angle of field of view 180o in any direction.

2. Diagonal or full-frame lenses, the image circle of which is circumscribed around the film, so that only the diagonal angle of view is 180o.

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Peleng vs Samyang. Print E-mail
Written by Peleng-Samyang   

We have compared two Fisheye lenses the Peleng and Samyang. We had placed them face to face, and analyzed their pros and cons. Here you can find results of this "battle":

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Peleng 8mm Fisheye lens for Planetarium Print E-mail
Written by Peleng   

One of the unusual ways of using Peleng 8mm fisheye lens is its application in the projectors of digital planetariums. Digital planetarium gives the possibility to project different images on the dome of the planetarium and thus creating the presence effect, i.e. the audience can be immersed in virtual worlds. Earlier planetariums projected only celestial objects (displaying the stars, the planets and their orbits, simulating celestial phenomena such as meteor showers etc.), however now it is possible to show any images like cartoons, short films and videos, including, for example, simulation of flight to the stars or your own images and videos.

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How to detect back-focus. Print E-mail
Written by Peleng   

Back-focus means that when focusing on some focusing point the lens misses backward so that the depth of field shifts back, too. Front-focus means that the lens misses forward and the depth of field shifts forward.

To test if the lens has the back-focus we use a special target scale which is easy to be hand-made: you should print it with a laser printer, stick it to the piece of thick carton and make some slits to make it more stable. You can download this scale from here (dimension 300 dpi, size 24x15cm).

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