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Tilt-Shift Photography

MC ARAX 35 mm Tilt - Shift Lens Review Print E-mail
Written by Tuomo Väinämö   

ARSAT(ARAX) 35mm Tilt-Shift lens has Tilt&Shift mechanism: 11mm shift, 8 tilt and with 360 degree rotating plate enabling the correction of perspective and precise control of the image plane for stunning selective focus.

-Count of elements: 11 Multicoated
-Focal length: 35mm
-Focusing scale: 0.3 m to infinity
-Minimum focusing distance: 0.3 m
-Aperture scale: f2.8 to f22
-Shift: 11mm
-Tilt: plus/minus 8 degree
-Lens rotate: 360 degree


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Tilt-Shift Lenses and DOF in Subject photography Print E-mail
Written by Peleng   

Many photographers have difficulty with Tilt-Shift lenses, not understanding how it works and now to use tilt-shilt lenses.
So I created a scene from the graph paper and took photos it with different tilts, to illustrate the work of Tilt-Shift lens. I hope it help you to understand how tilt-shilft lenses work.

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