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Tilt Adapter for Pentacon Six Lens - NikonZenitar 16mm f2.8 for Canon

Tilt lens 2/50mm lens for Sony E mount NEX 3 NEX 5
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Tilt lens 2/50mm lens for Sony E mount NEX 3 NEX 5

Price per Unit (piece): $165.00

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This beautiful multicoated Tilt Zenitar 50mm lens is brand new, manufactured in 2011 in the Russia
and was modified with tilt mechanism in Ukraine

It is features outstanding sharpness, contrast, color rendition and an exceptional sweeping view. This lens has clear glass, and exhibits absolutely no wipe marks or scratches on any of the lens elements. The focus mechanism turns smoothly throughout its range. The aperture ring clicks smoothly from stop to stop, and exhibits no sloppiness. The aperture blades show no signs of wear, nor any oil or grease. There is no hazing, fogging, hatching or crazing on any of the lens elements. This lens has never been used, and is ready to deliver years of service.

The tilt mechanism has same design as Hartblei lenses have

Tilt goes from 0 up to 8 degree in any direction and rotated 360 degreearound the lens mount
MC 50 mm Tilt Lens Specifications:Lens elements: 6 Multicoated
Aperture, focal length, mm: 50
Visual angle, degree: 45
Drawing stroke, mm -1:
center : 50
edge : 30

Focusing scale: 0.45m to infinity
Aperture scale: f2. to f16

Tilt: plus/minus from 0 up to 8 degree
Lens rotate: 360 degree
Thread for light filters: 46x0.75
Disperse: 0.019
Weight, kg: 0,45 kg


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