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Rollei - Canon EOS AF adapterTilt Adapter for Pentacon Six Lens - Nikon

Tilt Adapter for Pentacon Six Lens - Canon
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Tilt Adapter for Pentacon Six Lens - Canon

Price per Unit (piece): $129.00

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This Tilt adapter is designed by Hartblei to use with all Pentacon Six, Kiev 60, Kiev 88mm lenses on your Canon EOS camera.

Using this new design, the adapter interfaces between the camera and lens, maintaining all F stop and focusing functions, and allowing control of perspective and depth of field using tilt movements similar to a view camera.

Creative applications include increasing depth of field or decreasing depth of field, as seen in many fashion and product advertisements, where unusual focus effects are desired. Ideal for architectural photography for controlling perspective and depth of field. A perfect solution for product table top photography including digital.

Minimum and maximum focus distances will vary with focal length and degree of movement used.
Direction: any with 360 rotation
Will focus to infinity!

This product is currently not available.