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Review Peleng 8mm f/3.5 Fisheye by pentax club Print E-mail
Written by penax fisheye peleng lens   

About Peleng 8mm f/3.5 Fisheye

There are two possible kinds of fisheye lenses, you can see them further. Peleng fisheye represents the second kind. Soviet photographers used the film in another way that's why the circle of picture cannot be placed inside the 35 mm entirely even in cameras with regular film. Digital cameras still have the lens limitation of 180 degrees which can be noticed in the corners and their advanced photo system sensors can capture even less images.
1. Full frame fisheyes take half-spherical picture bias the 35mm film. 14-16 mm focal length is peculiar to them.
2. Lenses with 6-8 mm focal length capture spherical images, seizing full 180 degrees. The whole picture is placed inside the narrow film stripe.
Here are Sumire and Rui who were caught by my Peleng 8mm f/3.5 Fisheye.


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How to detect back-focus. Print E-mail
Written by Peleng   

Back-focus means that when focusing on some focusing point the lens misses backward so that the depth of field shifts back, too. Front-focus means that the lens misses forward and the depth of field shifts forward.

To test if the lens has the back-focus we use a special target scale which is easy to be hand-made: you should print it with a laser printer, stick it to the piece of thick carton and make some slits to make it more stable. You can download this scale from here (dimension 300 dpi, size 24x15cm).

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Manual for Peleng 8mm F/3.5 Fisheye Lens Print E-mail
Written by Peleng   


The extra wide CIRCULAR FISHEYE LENS ĞMC Peleng 3,5/8Ağ is intended as a replaceable lens for cameras with a frame format of 24x36 mm.
The mount type are M42?1, Bayonet N, Canon EF.
The lens is suitable for photographing both on black-and-white and color film. It has the device of diaphragm pre-installation that raises photographing efficiency. Lens of an objective have clarifying covering. The frame picture is a circle 24mm (pic. 1).

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Would you like to make panoramic pictures? Print E-mail
Written by Peleng   
With PanoTool your iPhone or iPod will become a dip circle which is necessary while shooting panoramas with SLR. Now this task will be so much easier. Audio helper is useful to meter angles for 1-4 rows because it will not allow your camera move. If you are shooting vertically, iPhone with PanoTool will prevent flat bottom. Velcro is used not to let the slipping.

Can you believe that 4 shoots are enough to get 180 or even 360 degrees hand-made panorama? PanoTool supports 8mm fisheye lenses so this is not impossible anymore.

There's one more utility furnished with PanoTool. PanoCalc is a simple calculator of the field os view. You can gauge how many photos you should take and how to direct the camera to get a wanted panoramic image. Calculations are available even for zenith and nadir owners.

Learn more about panotool:
BelOMO change name of Peleng 8mm f3.5 Fisheye Lens. Print E-mail
Written by Peleng   

Evalution of Peleng Lens:


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