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Fisheye Lens construction - 11 elements in 7 groups
Focal distance - 8 mm
Relative aperture- 1:3,5-1:16
Angular field of view- 180 deg
Flange focal distance- 44 mm
Focusing modification limit- from 0.22 mm
Overall dimensions. Diameter - 73 mm
Overall dimensions. Length- 65.5 mm
Weight - 0.4 kg

The Peleng Lens is a superwide-angle photographic lens of "FISHEYE CIRCULAR" type and is designated to serve as a replaceable lens for Canon and film cameras of EOS series whish have or don't have the instant-return diaphragm automatic control device.

The Fisheye Lens has a device of diaphragm presetting which increases photographing efficient. The lenses have antireflecting coating. The image being received by the Lens in film camera represents the circle of 24mm diameter. It occupies only part of frame 24x36 and fits in a small side of a frame with a small cutting along the edges. The geometric centers of the image and the frame coincide.

Manual of Peleng 8mm f3.5 Fisheye Lens

Hyperfocal Distance for Peleng 8mm 3.5

Peleng 8mm on Canon 400D


Fisheye Peleng 8mm f/3.5 on Canon 400D