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Peleng 8mm f3.5 for Canon with Focus Confirmation
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Peleng 8mm f3.5 for Canon with Focus Confirmation

( BelOMO )

This lens is a photographic lens with an extremely wide angle classified as "FISHEYE CIRCULAR" one. It can be mounted at any camera of Canon EOS series. Presence of the device of automatic control of the instant-return diaphragm is not obligatory.

Quality of photographs may be significantly improved by the device of controlling diaphragm which is installed on the Peleng Lens. Multi-coating serves to decrease reflections. Photos taken by this fisheye lens represent the circle of 24mm diameter so the frame measured as 24x36 is not fully covered, there is a little free space in a long side and dark corners around the circle. Centers of the very picture and of the frame are the same.


Focal distance8 mm
Relative aperture 1:3,5-1:16
Angular field of view 180 deg
Flange focal distance 44 mm
Focusing modification limit from 0.22 mm
Overall dimensions. Diameter 73 mm
Overall dimensions. Length 65.5 mm
Weight 0.4 kg

Peleng fisheye 8mm f3.5. Focus confirmation.

It is well-known that it's hard to focus without viewfinder, in other words manually. In manual mode, lenses made for the camera usually base on the information of camera's autofocus system. But using the adapter doesn't let the camera suppose that the lens is the part of the whole system so this way is not useful. Device of confirming focus needs to be constantly joined to the adapter so that it could inform the camera if the subject of shooting is in focus.

Described device looks like a plastic plate provided with contacts. Attached to the peleng lens, it sends to the camera the information concerning to focal distance and aperture. You can choose your own settings but there are pre-installed default ones: 1:3,5 for the diaphragme, 8mm for the focal distance.

Focus confirmation device usage replaces confirmation from autofocus lenses designed specially for Canon cameras and fills up EXIF data with the information about exposition.

Principles of work:

1. Choose M or AV mode

2. Focus manually until the moment when the signal of confirmation will be send. Sometimes half-pression of the button of shutter is needed.

3. Close the diaphragme as it is demanded by settings. If you chose AV-mode, the speed of shutter will be set automatically.

4. Press the shutter release. Your shot is ready.

EXIF Example:

Peleng Circular Fisheye 8mm. EXIF Example

Kit included:

Fisheye Lens - 1pc

Front cover - 1pc

Back cover - 1pc

Fisheye Lens Case - 1pc

English instruction manual - 1pc

AF Confirmation Chip - 1pc

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