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Discovering Peleng 8mm f3.5 fisheye lens Print E-mail
Written by Peleng   

How it works and a little bit of useful tips.

-In my opinion, this lens captures the sharpest photos at f5.6-f16. Please, remember that it is a completely manual lens so you should lock it when you choose aperture. I defined diaphragm setting f8-11as the most appropriate to this lens.
-Focus ring. I am a little experienced in lenses like my own so now i prefer M-mode (macro) on the focus ring and no more worries. This simple tip helps me to capture objects close and far and my pictures will be sharp.

-Because of 180 degrees vision tripod legs may be caught in the photo so watch over them. Even if you haven't full-frame camera, 1.6 crop is enough to spoil your picture. So take care!

-You may place the tripod correctly but your photo still is in danger... because of your own arms and legs. Define the imaginary 180 degree area of capturing and try to hide parts of your body from it.

-Pay attention to the lens cup as it is very fragile. In brand new lenses there is some plastic inside. Without it you will definitely cope with cup sliding and moving. In other words, all conditions for you to scratch it. Certainly, I've already scratched mine. Now its unnoticeable but who knows what will be then. If you can advise me something you are welcome. Rubber didn't help because I was always forgetting it when I changed lenses.

-My own advice: AV mode is more suitable for shooting with this lens

How to take picture

-I insist on taking care of the field of view. Bags and legs don't look well on the photo. Only if you didn't place them on purpose.

-Experiment! New viewpoints, extraordinary compositions are always interesting. You may even stroll and press shutter button without any sense and logic.

-Didn't you forget how good are fisheye lenses in taking architectural and other geometrical photos? Houses, monuments and even people may look differ with you lens.

-I'd advise you to choose AV-mode. And RAW dimension will help you to improve your photos.


-I'm satisfied with how Peleng fisheye lens worked when I shot at f8-f11
-Manual lenses are not a curse. They can be amusing and you can get a great experience.,
-Earlier I believed that this one would be my favourite lens. But now I use it for my own joy, while taking pictures of children, cityscapes and landscapes. I even tried night shooting which means leaving camera in bulb mode for some rather long time. This is the best way to see how stars move.
-Don't be afraid of trying something new. If you got fisheye lens you are expected to be an experiment-lover so ignore your viewfinder. Build up in your mind the picture you'd like to capture, shoot and may be at home you will be surprised.

-And of course don't strain a lot. Enjoy!